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Before planning to buy an MLM Software, you need to know what the MLM Generation Plan is. Firstly, generation Plan is considered to be the powerful MLM Plan which can be paid many levels deep.A generation is a whole volume from up line to downline (this includes people with the same and different ranks).

Need Of An MLM Software For Implementing Generation Plan

So if you are planning to start a new MLM Business, it is definite that you need an MLM Software, you also need to have the perfect generation plan. Though you can easily find a good generation plan in the market from various MLM software providers, you need to pay a very good amount of money for that. It is so because the generation plan which is better in terms of features is charged at a very high price and it is here where the problem arises. Well, where there is a problem there is always a solution. There are few good MLM software companies as well that offer generation plans at very affordable prices. But finding them is indeed a very tedious task. It is definite that you need an MLM Software. As in the case of implementation of Generation Plan, you have been perfect. A good Generation Plan MLM Software can be found only from the top class MLM Software Developers. Infinite MLM Software guarantees a flexible implementation of your MLM Generation Plan along with various High-End features.
The technical working principle of this MLM Plan can be described using the following example:
Assume 16 levels, consisting of only 4 generations. The amount you can get will be more in the case of the first generation, and will be getting reduced for the following generations respectively. Let's make it more clear, if you pay 10% of your very first generation, it will only be 6% on the second, 4% on the third generation, and 2% on the fourth.
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Generation Level Plan Software
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Generation Level plan
Easy Natural Life
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Generation MLM Software


PackageAmountSelf Maximum Income
SilverRs. 500Rs. 900
GoldRs. 1000Rs. 1800


Package Level Bonus
SilverLevel 1Rs. 200
SilverLevel 2Rs. 10
SilverLevel 3Rs. 10
SilverLevel 4Rs. 10
SilverLevel 5Rs. 10
SilverLevel 6Rs. 10
GoldLevel 1Rs. 500
GoldLevel 2Rs. 10
GoldLevel 3Rs. 10
GoldLevel 4Rs. 10
GoldLevel 5Rs. 10
GoldLevel 6Rs. 10

Epin Generate Charges - 10%


Turn Over Bonus - 25%




Cash Back/ Extra Bonus

Package No of Direct No of Days Bonus
Gold (1000) 2 3 100



Upgrade Deduction

Upgrade AmountNo of direct sponsor

Auto Pool Income

Level No of Members Daily Bonus Days
Level 1 3 50 8
Level 2 9 50 21
Level 3 27 100 32
Level 4 81 100 99

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